VW Golf Mk 2 C


The second-generation Volkswagen Golf (also known as the Typ 19E until the 1991 model year, and Typ 1G thereafter) was launched in Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1983, with sales beginning in its homeland and most other left-hand drive markets soon after. It debuted in March 1984 on the right-hand drive British market, and this car is from September 1984.

This early Mark 2 car has led a charmed life. It is in completely original condition and has had no restoration work. The interior is amazing - it looks like it did when it was in the original showroom in 1984.

It is hard to believe that there is another Golf C in the country in this unmolested condition. I am sure it would be the star of any classic car show and will draw VW enthusiasts and, indeed, any car lover like bees to a honeypot.


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