Tiger Avon

Your chance to be the first owner! This is a brand NEW factory build of the lovely Tiger Avon. Every component in the car is new, including the 2.0L Zetec engine.

The Tiger Avon is Tiger's entry level model and is designed specifically to enable the builder to achieve a superb road / race sports car with the minimum of cost.

The Tiger Avon uses a space frame chassis with fully independent suspension. The Tiger Avon is the former Phoenix Automotive Avon Sprint. Tiger purchased this project, and then spend some considerable time modifying the chassis and suspension. Full Cage available for all Tiger road or race Models These modifications were documented to form the basis of the ‘How to Build Your Own Tiger Avon Sports Car for Road and Track’ book, published in association with Veloce Publishing. The space frame chassis if fabricated mainly from 1″ box steel, and if fitted with a one-piece GRP body and additional GRP. The main objective in the development was good durability and low build costs. The finished built Tiger Avon has the benefits of low rolling chassis weight and with various engine options, performance is exhilarating. The Tiger Avon is eligible for a number of race series, including the Road Going Bikes series organised by the 750 Motor Club. The Tiger Avon is available from chassis upwards, rolling chassis kit, comprehensive kit, factory built and pre-owned. The Avon kit is available in 3 base colours and with the option of further gel-coat colours and 2-pack sprayed paint finish. The Tiger Avon is also available as a dedicated track day car.


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